Garage Carpet Christchurch

Transform your garage into a versatile space with Garage Carpet from The Flooring Warehouse. Our Garage Carpet is gaining popularity as an affordable solution to expand your living area.

Ideal for various purposes such as providing a dedicated space for teenagers, offering a safe area for kids to play, setting up a music room for band practice, or creating a cozy retreat for dads.

Available in a sleek Charcoal color, our Garage Carpet comes in widths of 2, 3, 3.5 and 4 meters, allowing us to customize the installation to suit your garage’s dimensions and budget. Crafted from non-absorbent polyester fiber, it effortlessly withstands wet conditions, making it perfect for parking cars without worry. Moreover, its durability extends its utility to outdoor settings like decks and patios, and it’s even suitable for marine applications, such as boat flooring.

Unlock the potential of your garage with Garage Carpet from The Flooring Warehouse.