Thank you for arranging our carpet to be laid so quickly, it looks fantastic and please thank the carpet layer for doing such as great job.

I just wanted to thank Brian for the fantastic work he did putting down the floor in our garage. I don'tn think it was an easy job but it looks amazing. What a tradesman.
New carpet today many thanks to Graeme Coey of The Flooring Warehouse for great service, great layers and most of all a pleasant and easy way to do business. Top recommendation.
Gotta say, not only did the installer do a bloody great job, he was really nice bloke too...it's a pleasure dealing with a company that has great product, at a fair price, is on to it and easy to deal with, got it done quickly, has great staff/ contractors and overall gets everything bang-on.Well done.
I'm thrilled with my flooring and the fabulous customer service I've received from you! You're a star! Many thanks.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your site team for their efforts to deliver our recent project, ST Margaret 2019s College Winchester Precinct. The Southbase team has a track record in Christchurch of actively working with our clients and their design teams to deliver innovative build solutions. One of the key attributes to ensuring the successful delivery of the project has been your company 2019s involvement.
I wish you and your business continued success and look forward to working with your company again. Last year, my husband Shane and I purchased carpet off Flooring Warehouse in relation to our EQC repairs at in our home in Bryndwr, Christchurch. Our EQC repairs ended up being extremely long and difficult (10 months instead of the estimated 11 weeks), with some significant complications and we were just reflecting the other day about the many different trades we had had onsite and how good (or not) each was. We're pleased to say that Flooring Warehouse definitely featured at the top of our very short "good" list that we would recommend to our friends. Gordon from Flooring Warehouse was fantastic. He was very patient with us changing our minds and when we had finally chosen carpet we liked and found that production had been discontinued, he recommended an alternative which we absolutely love - and everyone who visits always comments on it and asks about it. Thanks so much for looking after us last year; it was really pleasing to know that there are still some businesses out there who provide fantastic customer service in a friendly, professional way. We have recommended Flooring Warehouse to others, and will definitely come back to you when we need more flooring.
Thank you very much for your service. The carpet layer was EXCELLENT, he was so good that even though all the skirtings had been painted recently no of them were damaged, which is amazing as I have had other carpet laid and they have always managed to damage skirting so That man deserves a DB and he done a great job of fitting it so will definitely want him when we eventually get around to re-carpeting our house.
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