The Christchurch Flooring Experts

The Christchurch Flooring Experts

Most people buy floor coverings so rarely that getting good advice
from sales people is particularly important.

Choosing a product to suit a room’s foot traffic, exposure to sunlight
and with the look and feel owners want is more difficult by the
massive variety options today.
The Flooring Warehouse takes the hassle out of the process by
having stock for every scenario and an expert team who can help
every step of the way.
Competitive prices are guaranteed through membership of the
independent buying group Flooring First. New products arrive all the
time, including end of line runs and factory seconds, which are
passed on at highly discounted rates.
But it’s the support from staff in making sure customers get value for
money that has built such a strong reputation for The Flooring
Warehouse since it’s founding in 2005.
At the time owner Graeme Coey was already a veteran of the
flooring industry, having started his career in Christchurch more than
30 years prior. He says one of the biggest changes has been the
sheer number of products available and the rise of synthetic fibres as
hard wearing cost effective alternatives to wool.
“Now we’ve got polyesters creeping into the market, which tend to
be cheaper but probably won’t stand the test of time as well as
solution dyed nylon or even a wool carpet. But you do get more
wow for your dollar”. He says. “Wood look flooring in vinyl planks
and laminate and engineered timber are all very popular and
becoming more popular.

“Traditionally, vinyl would be the only go to in wet areas like kitchens
and bathrooms but we’re now doing a lot more in living areas too.
There are some great replicas you wouldn’t know weren’t real

Graeme says the smartest buys ae usually not the cheapest buys but
higher quality options that are being offered at a lower-than normal
price. The buying power of The Flooring Warehouse helps in this
respect, although there is no substitute for help from one the
Sydenham’s showroom’s trained staff.
The company currently has 18 staff doing everything from interior
decorating advice and onsite measures and quotes, to the final
inspection. Most staff are either fully certified or working towards
the qualification.

As well as providing flooring for private homes of all styles, The
Flooring Warehouse caters for large commercial buildings and
schools. All quotes and advice are free.

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